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Why VacationMingler Guest Matching ?
Trends for Vacation and Travel Providers

Why should vacation providers implement VacationMingler's matching ?
Are you facilitating a memorable vacation for your guests ?

People go on vacation to feel good and relax, to change the daily routine, and ideally to have some new and stimulating experiences. Everybody knows this, but the difference is in how each vacation provider delivers this to their guests.
Regardless of whether the resort, cruise, hotel, or adventure travel providers focus on location, amenities, food and drinks, entertainment, activities or even intellectual and cultural experiences, they all end up costing them money.
In the race to please travelers and vacation guests, each provider has to improve on their offering, while keeping an eye on what everybody else is doing.
Our hypothesis is that there is a much more effective (and cheap) way of providing a memorable experience to your guests: help them connect and find interesting people who have things in common, such that the social happiness factor complements your normal hospitality services.
This is the major reason for the existence of the VacationMingler service:

"to facilitate memorable vacations through common interest based guest matching"
As a vacation provider, you have two big investments: your fixed assets (the location, amenities, activities, your employees providing the services), and your intangibles (the brand, the experience that you are known for, the kinds of people that are your guests). While the first asset is relatively easy to manage, it ends up costing more and more, because of the competition in the market.
We at VacationMingler are suggesting that you should be focusing more on the second aspect, and with a very low cost service such as using our guest matching service, you could grow your business significantly. Making people's vacation experiences memorable, by means of facilitating an enjoyable, stimulating company of the other guests, is the sure way to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.

VacationMingler is an anonymous interest matching service designed for transient groups of people.
People on vacation are the ripe target for a matching service. They arrive in good mood, ready to have new experiences and make new friends. At the same time, people on vacation want to be free of their daily routine identity, and are interested in presenting themselves through a custom, "vacation profile". All this is fertile grounds for a private interests group matching service.
The only thing that is missing is the proper mechanism that facilitates the discovery of people's common interests, such that those with great potential to have a good time together will actually get to start the conversation on the right topic.

We bring forth the easiest tool to be adopted by hotel, resort, cruise, or other type of vacation providers: our VacationMingler web portal, where every provider can set up a matching pool for their current guests. As the guests are invited by the provider to join the vacation destination/period specific group, they can privately list some of their vacation related (or even broader) interests, and discover matching guests with similar interests.
This is quick and simple: all providers need is to set up a VacationMingler link for each specific group of guests, and to email those guests. This can be done ideally before the vacation starts, but even during the vacation. All that is need is an internet connection, and two minutes of your guest's time.

Contact us at to find out more, and to get help with setting up a test run.
Best, The VacationMingler team.

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