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Founder & CEO
Tibi is the main engine behind the Vacation Mingler service. Motivated by a serendipituous encounter, Tibi started working on an idea that would facilitate great matches for those who are still searching and actively pursuing their interests. Vacation Mingler is targeted towards active "builders" (engineers, business people, entrepreneurs, even artists, and definitely dreamers), who are looking for what is likely the most important element in any venture: the person who is coming along for that ride. Tibi brings to the mix:
  • MBA (Chicago Booth) in entrepreneurial and quantitative/analytical areas
  • PhD (Purdue CS) with research in mechanism design (designing market mechanisms that produce desired/optimal outcomes)
  • Applied Research(at The Chicago Computation Institute) - scaling up big (science) problems (both data and computing)

The Business Developer

Bharathi is also a Chicago Booth MBA, with extensive experience in business development, and venture capital. On our team, she is identifying the markets and customers where Vacation Mingler will make the most impact in their business operations and growth.

She specializes in:

  • Talking to potential users
  • Evaluating the market opportunity
  • Refining the business plan, strategic partners, etc.
  • Looking for collaborators/equity partners
  • Looking for (angel) investors


CTO, Innovation and Data Science
Tibi (same Tibi) is the main developer of the service:
  • concept, design, architecture
  • full stack implementation -- cloud backend
  • intellectual property and proprietary algorithms
His training and experience in Computer Science makes the implementation a relatively straightforward task, so if you want to suggest improvements, shoot us an email, and we'll get them in ASAP.

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